Playing Possibilities

The playing possibilities as a guest-golfer (green-fee player) are mainly affected by two important points:

The playing ability (handicap) of the guest-golfer and of course the country where he intends to play golf.

The following list will show you clearly, that for an experienced golfer (handicap 0 – 24) to play in Europe, there should be no problem at all.

However, for a golfer with only a handicap of 54 it might be difficult at times.

Playing abilities 0 - 24 25 - 36 Handicap 37 - 54
Switzerland* very good good difficult
Germany, Spain, etc. very good very good limited
GB, USA, Asia, etc. very good very good good

* Most of the Swiss golf clubs request a handicap between 24 and 36.

Before you tee - off

Call the golf club of your choice and ask the secretary about the requirements and limitations for green-fee players. Mention your name and handicap and reserve yourself a tee-off time.

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