The Handicap

The Handicap is the evidence of your golfing-abilities. Thanks to the handicap-system, golfers of various playing abilities can now honestly compete together in tournaments.

Golfer with Handicap 0 - 36

a) You are already a handicap-golfer, but you are not yet a member of a golf club:

Please send us two scorecards of an 9 - or 18-hole golf-course, that a golf-pro or a golf-fellow has signed, his / her handicap should be no more then 24,0).

b) You are already a handicap-golfer, but have no scorecards yet to confirm your handicap.

Nevertheless and with certain conditions we may post you a handicap on your card:

please give us a brief description of your golfing experience on the application-form. If necessary our handicap committee will contact you.

c) You are still a member of another golf club, then you simply send us a confirmation of your handicap from your club.

Golfer with Handicap 37 - 54

You have already passed a test on your golfing-
please send us a copy of your certificate.

Beginners without Handicap

We suggest that you enrol in one of the many golf-schools now available, where you will learn the golf-sport and also can obtain your handicap; or contact a golf professional in a golf club nearby your home town. Naturally you may book some lessons with our team golf-pro and in no time you will receive your golfing-maturity or even your handicap.

Even as a beginner you can become a member of the Cameron Valley Golf Club and benefit with your golf-membership during your learning process.

Our terms of admission are simple and uncomplicated.

A qualifying examination is not required.

We only need a confirmation of your golfing abilities.

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